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The Internet and modern technology such as scanners, email and iphones has dramatically changed how Agents do business today...


Most Agents work from home now and do not need, use or ever go into the office. Yet, their Brokers are still paying for big empty expensive office space that most never use.

In turn all those expenses get handed down to you through poor commission splits, expensive monthly fees and hidden fees which ultimately takes a huge portion of your commission income.


After all the deductions most Agents end up with only 50-70% of their hard earned commissions.

When working at our Virtual Office we have systems in place that enable our Agents to work from home and still have all the benefits of one of the largest Brand Names in the real estate industry, but at a fraction of the cost of those offices with massive overheads.

Because of the low overhead costs with our Virtual Office concept, we are able to pass those savings onto our Agents. 

If you are an Agent that works from home ...You will appreciate the many financial benefits of working with our Virtual Office and the impressive Systems and Brand Name of Century21.


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